Car: man crushed in McDonalds drive-in by VW Golf – News abroad

He just wanted burgers and fries and found death instead.

In Vancouver, Canada, a man was crushed by his car in the drive-through of a McDonald’s. Tragic: The victim’s family had to watch the death drama.

A blue plastic tarpaulin covers the body of the tragically deceasedPhoto:

As reported by several media unanimously, the family drove to a branch of the fast food giant in their Golf. When the unspecified man wanted to pay the bill, his bank card fell down. He leaned out of the car and tried to pick her up from the floor – then the accident happened.

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The victim’s car rolled forward, squeezing the man between the car frame and the wall of the burger shop. Rescue workers rushed over, but the Canadian died at the scene of the accident. His family and McDonald’s employees witnessed the drive-through death.

The unfortunate Golf is towed, experts should determine the background of the accident

The unfortunate Golf is towed, experts should determine the background of the accidentPhoto:

Vancouver Police Department spokeswoman Tania Visintin said, “This is an incredibly heartbreaking scenario, our deepest condolences go out to the friends and relatives of the victim.”

Usually the police are called to an accident in which two cars crashed into each other. “But the fact that no other car was involved – that makes it a tragically crazy accident,” says Visintin. Witnesses of the accident are visibly shocked.

The accident occurred on Wednesday morning at around 5:30 a.m. The man’s body was covered with a blue plastic sheet in front of the eyes of guests who wanted to have breakfast at McDonald’s. A tow truck took the gray Golf with it. It is not known whether the clearly visible traces on the driver’s door come from the accident or from the fire brigade’s rescue equipment.

Experts should now clarify why the car had started rolling. Fast food chain cameras recorded the accident.