Car Brands with the Most Increasing and Decreasing Sales [Güncel]

A striking statistic about new car sales for 2022 has been published. Statistics show that there is a boom in sales of luxury car brands. So how is this possible when prices are so high?

EBS Consulting, which shares detailed analyzes about the automotive industry, on new car sales announced a lot of data to talk about. The data disclosed reveals the automobile brands that increased their sales the most and decreased the most during the past year. Looking at the shared data, luxury car brands We see a significant increase in sales.

In the past weeks, the number of cars sold in our country in 2022 592,660 piecesthat the best selling brand is Fiat and the most preferred model is Fiat Egea. we transferred. However, these figures do not mean that Fiat has increased its sales significantly. On the other hand; The sales of a popular brand like Seat are expected in 2022. have fallen by more than 50 percent we bear witness. Let’s take a closer look at those statistics that will make you forget everything you know.

Brands that increased their sales the most in 2022:

Brand Sales Quantity Increase Rate
Cupra 2,792 879.65%
DFSK 352 564.15%
Alfa Romeo 820 316.24%
Maserati 314 210,89%
DS 1,829 99.24%
MG 1.627 85.52%
Mini 1,385 72.48%
Opel 30,378 46.37%
Lexus 336 44.83%
SsangYong 804 36.97%

When we look at the shared data, it is seen that the brand that increased its sales the most in 2022 Cupra we see that. Serving as a sub-brand of Seat until a few years ago, Cupra has become an independent brand in recent years. Although the total number of sales of the company is 2,792, the amount of increase in sales compared to the previous year 897.65 percent was recorded as.

So, which brands have dropped the most sales?


Brand Sales Quantity Drop Rate
Mitsubishi 583 55.87%
seat 6.142 50.69%
Land Rover 1.111 38.41%
Jaguar 90 34.78%
Nissan 9,337 26.94%
Honda 21,429 23.88%
jeep 2,422 23.45%
Skoda 19,464 22.85%
Subaru 622 21.86%
Ford 11,303 19.56%

When we look at the brands with the lowest sales rates, Mitsubishi’s We see that he is at the top. The brand’s sales in 2022 decreased by 55.87 percent. In addition, among the very popular brands, Seat, Nissan, Honda, Skoda and Ford also included in this list.

OK, why did this happen? Why have luxury brands seen a boom in sales, while more accessible brands have seen a decline?

Renault Clio

Experienced automotive journalist sharing data published by EBS Consulting Emre Ozpeynirciwhat happened to supply problems tied up. Özpeynirci, “Last year’s sales performance of brandssupply‘, that is, they determined how many vehicles they could find.‘ he said.


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We can also expand on Emre Özpeynirci’s statements. Supply-demand balance, albeit a bit, last year changed. Until a few years ago, the consumer cared about factors such as the prevalence of the service network, easy sales and price. in 2022 bought the vehicle he could find. As such, the sales of unexpected brands increased at a record level.

So how much are the cheapest and most expensive cars of the brands that increase their sales the most?

Cupra Ateca

Brand Cheapest The most expensive
Cupra 1.245.000 TL 2,075,000 TL
DFSK 1.121.250 TL 1.121.250 TL
Alfa Romeo 1,402,300 TL 2,568,450 TL
DS 1.200.800 TL 2,411,500 TL
MG 615,000 TL 1,459,000 TL
Mini 918,958 TL 2,746,044 TL
Opel 519,900 TL 1.185.900 TL
Lexus 2,330,655 TL 8,575,976 TL
SsangYong 897,000 TL 1.107.000 TL

: Since Maserati generally produces tailor-made, the price listdoes not share


Let's take a look at the cheapest and most expensive models of the brands whose sales have decreased the most.

seat leon Brand Cheapest
The most expensive Mitsubishi 466,800 TL
466,800 TL seat 469,000 TL
1.285.000 TL Land Rover 2,084,812 TL
11,950,961 TL Jaguar 2,091,636 TL
9,271,000 TL Nissan 633,500 TL
1,984,800 TL Honda 605,000 TL
2,374,500 TL jeep 972,450 TL
4,608,450 TL Skoda 513,400 TL
2,573,400 TL Subaru 967,203 TL
1,928,378 TL Ford 607,300 TL
  • 1,421,700 TL NOTE: All prices are taken from official websites and additional fees such as hardware difference and optional featuresdoes not include

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