Can’t be stopped! This Will Be The Biggest In The Hot Altcoin Space!

The host of the YouTube channel Coin Bureau estimates that a digital asset market’s local currency could be the largest crypto exchange token.

The analyst known as Guy said in a new video to his 1.65 million subscribers that the firm aggressively promoted its platform, leading to’s brand awareness, cryptocurrencies. CROHe says it gives .com an advantage over other exchange tokens.

Earlier this month, the Singapore-based company struck a $700 million deal to rename Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, to Arena.

Guy also talks about the fundamentals of CRO, which he says could increase the value of the coin to $1, indicating a potential increase of about 30 percent from its current price of $0.70 at the time of writing. CRO seems to be able to reach $1 in a very short time.

“As a result of its use in the ecosystem, the CRO has many drivers of demand. Now that the CRO is owned by a blockchain with smart contract functionality, this additional size of demand could be enough to raise the CRO to a dollar before the current crypto bull market ends.”

In addition, the Coin Bureau host also mentions the numerous use cases of CRO in the ecosystem.

“ offers a range of crypto-related products and services, including trading, lending, lending, staking, DeFi (decentralized finance), wallets, and payments, while its most famous product is probably metal crypto Visa debit cards.

Almost all of’s components include the CRO. To cite a few examples, the CRO must be purchased to obtain the Visa debit cards mentioned above. It can be staked for additional returns and also provides trading discounts on the exchange.”

Alongside these, announced earlier this year that it will destroy 70 billion CRO tokens. According to Guy, about 60 billion CRO coins have already been burned:

“The remaining $10 billion in CRO tokens are locked into ‘smart contracts’ and will be burned monthly as they are unlocked.”

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