Can You Solve The Question Shared By Oxford University?

Will you be able to solve this question, which was asked from the official Twitter account of Oxford University and made viral by people trying to solve it?

Oxford, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, shared a math question on its official Twitter account and said ‘Can you solve this question?‘ he asked. When the question shared as E was by Oxford, hundreds and even thousands of people tried to solve it.

We also share this question that Oxford asked on our Twitter account. we shared. Let’s see what is this question that people can’t agree on the answer to.

How many inches long is a piece of paper?

In the Cambridge assessment question shared by Oxford, he asks:

Two equal rectangular pieces of paper, 5 cm overlap added end to end. One of the rectangles is folded to form the following structure (not to scale). the whole structure if its total length is 75 cm how long is a piece of paper?

Have you started solving?

Did you find the answer?

Did you find 44.5?

Then you got it wrong, let’s move on to the solution

Actually, the solution to the problem is quite simple. In fact, the question itself is a pretty simple high school geometry question. The first thing we need to grasp for the solution is that in the question we are given two sheets of paper on top of each other and that that the overlapping portion is 5 cm long.

Adding this 5 cm to our total length we get 80 cmLet’s keep that in our pocket for now. The question also tells us that the paper on the right is folded and 3 cm long of the folded part it is given. Our total length when we flatten them 6 cm longer. That is, at the end, two flattened and end-to-end pieces of paper are formed. We find that its total length is 86 cm.

All we have left to do is divide 86 by 2: The answer is 43!

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