Can you buy an iPhone from abroad? (TIME UPDATE)

The instability of the exchange rate in Turkey caused technology giant Apple to close its online store for two days. While sales continued in physical stores, all products were closed for sale on the Apple Store website. As everyone predicted, exchange rates were updated on all products. So, how logical has it become to buy an iPhone from abroad after current prices?

Apple Turkey announced the new prices of iPhones!

Apple Turkey has re-launched its products that were removed from sale a few days ago. However, the prices have been renewed with an increase!

Does it make sense to buy an iPhone abroad?

Fixing the dollar rate on iPhone 13 family, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone SE and MacBook, iPad and all other accessories made it a little more difficult to reach these devices in our country. We have brought together the current prices in Turkey and the differences between the sales prices in the USA for you.

The US prices and the current dollar rate (12.26 TL) of the iPhone 13 family are as follows:

128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
iPhone 13 mini 699 USD / 8,476 TL 799 USD / 9,699 TL 999 USD / 12,126 TL
iPhone 13 799 USD / 9,699 TL 899 USD / 10,913 TL 1099 USD / 13,340 TL
iPhone 13 Pro 999 USD / 12,126 TL 1099 USD / 13,340 TL 1299 USD / 15,768 TL 1499 USD / 18,196 TL
iPhone 13 Pro Max 1099 USD / 13,340 TL 1199 USD / 14,455 TL 1399 USD / 16,982 TL 1599 USD / 19,410 TL

When we look at this table, it is a visible fact that the new Turkish prices announced today are many times lower. So much so that the cheapest in this table 128GB iPhone 13 mini from USA if you try to take 8.476 TL + passport registration (estimated 2,732 TL) you will pay. If the same phone is in our country 13.999 TLe is sold. Turkey prices of other models are as follows:

128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
iPhone 13 mini 13.999 TL 15.999 TL 17.999 TL
iPhone 13 14.999 TL 16,199 TL 18,599 TL
iPhone 13 Pro 19.999 TL 21,199 TL 23.999 TL 25.999 TL
iPhone 13 Pro Max 22.999 TL 24,199 TL 26,599 TL 28.999 TL

2022 Passport registration fee, as we shared with you before It is expected to be announced as 2,732 TL. What is the difference between the phones sold in the USA and Turkey in TL terms?

128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
iPhone 13 mini 5,523 TL 6.300 TL 5,873 TL
iPhone 13 5.300 TL 5,286 TL 5,259 TL
iPhone 13 Pro 7,873 TL 7,859 TL 8,231 TL 7,803 TL
iPhone 13 Pro Max 9,659 TL 9,744 TL 9,617 TL 9,589 TL

To best summarize this table, the device price you will pay when you buy the iPhone 13 mini 128 GB from the USA 8,476 TL. The estimated fee you will pay to operate your passport after returning to Turkey 2,732 TL. Except for the round trip, accommodation and other expenses, only the device is total. Bought for 11,208 TL you are. This is for you 2,731 TL cheaper iPhone it allows you to get

The difference may become even greater as model and storage preferences rise. Also, non-IMEI versions of other hardware such as AirPods, iPad, MacBook or other hardware will be significantly cheaper.

what do you think? How do you look at buying an iPhone from abroad after the new prices? Let’s discuss together in our forum topic.

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