Camera team pressured: large-scale police operation because of AfD-Höcke | Regional

Dresden – The Thuringian AfD right winger Björn Höcke (49) appeared at Pegida on Monday evening. The protest against it was huge, the police were on a large scale.

Only last week Höcke supporters yelled “Sieg Heil” after an election campaign appearance in Grimma. That probably mobilized even more counter-demonstrators in Dresden – hundreds came running in a protest march from Dresden’s Neustadt.

A camera team was harassed by a Pegida participant

Photo: Picxell

Pegida had previously been banished to the train station because the “autumn market” is being held on the old market. The xenophobic movement got attention again through the AfD visit – recently it was able to mobilize fewer and fewer viewers.

Fitting: The Thuringian police helped their Saxon colleagues to secure the speech of the Thuringian AfD state chief. Observers reported numerous neo-Nazis who were attracted by the performance.