Call to Investors from Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin

in cryptocurrencies While the bear market continues Ethereum co-founder Vitalik ButerinHe stated that the crypto community should focus on technology and application system rather than cryptocurrency prices.

Vitalik Buterin Urges People to Focus on Technology Instead of Price

For technology, being in this business is a “significant and positive” cultural change compared to being in it for financial gain.

“I recommend increasing the distance between you and the business community and getting closer to the technology and application ecosystem,” Vitalik tweeted.

Buterin said in February that cryptocurrency manufacturers would welcome a new bear market.

A bull market dominated by rising crypto prices, greed and widespread speculation draws a lot of attention. As soon as prices fall, speculators tend to leave the market. In tough times, it’s usually the producers that stay in the market.

That’s why some sane industry leaders welcome price drops because bear markets often bring up exciting projects.

As explained by Buterin, unsustainable crypto projects tend to drop during bear markets, and quality prevails over quantity.

According to the famous programmer, although high prices make many people happy, they also attract unnecessary speculative attention.

The cryptocurrency market suffered a serious crash and bitcoin The prices of major altcoins have lost more than 70%.

The industry continues to suffer after the massive crash of the FTX stock market, which some skeptics believe could literally start an ice age.

At the time of this writing, the largest altcoin Ethereum (ETH), founded by Vitalik, was trading at $ 1270.

*Not investment advice.

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