Bybit CEO Clarifies: Are Customer Assets Affected by Genesis Bankruptcy?

Ben Zhou, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Bybit, clarified the allegations that they were influenced by the crypto loan company Genesis, which recently filed for bankruptcy.

Ben Zhou wrote on his official social media account on January 20. in sharingwhich was put forward after the investment company Mirana, affiliated to Bybit, is among the largest creditors of Genesis, which has filed for bankruptcy today. of that money that there are assets belonging to stock market customers clarified the allegations.

Zhou, Mirana will get from Genesis of $151 million By rejecting any speculation that there are assets belonging to Bybit customers, a connection with customers stressed that there was no

Zhou said in a statement that Mirana is only Bybit’s investment arm and that the stock market manages its own assets reported. Located on Bybit “earn product” Mirana assets that you don’t include Underlining the CEO, reported 151 million dollar already liquidated 120 million dollar guaranteed a position also emphasized that

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