Bundestag election: next triall of the candidates for chancellor

Olaf Scholz and Henry Maske

The strategies of the two are very similar.

When the candidates get back into the campaign ring in the second triall on Sunday evening, the main thing is the duel between Olaf Scholz and Armin Laschet. So far, the SPD chancellor candidate gave the Henry mask of politics.

The former gentleman boxer and world champion fought defensively, strategically and rationally. But that was never spectacular. The only thing that made the people in the hall boil was the sounds of “Conquest of Paradise” to which Mask marched.

Laschet has to give the Rocchigiani

The paradise that Olaf Scholz wants to conquer is located at Willy-Brandt-Straße 1 and is the Chancellery. At the very beginning of the election campaign, his opponent Armin Laschet got in the mood for the bone tour of the marketplaces in a boxing school in Frankfurt. Tonight he will have to give the Graciano Rocchigiani. The rough leg thrilled the crowds and knocked Mask down in a tough fight.

Mask, atypical for him, got involved in an open exchange of blows. The CDU candidate for chancellor, who has shrunk to a challenger, must also succeed. The judges saw mask in front at the end, which was very controversial.

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Even Chancellor Angela Merkel dealt unusually violently in the Bundestag this week. She accused her deputy Scholz of denigrating the 50 million vaccinated people as guinea pigs. With the sentence “I am only telling the truth”, she warned again of a possible red-red-green coalition under a Chancellor Scholz. He was all Henry Maske and skilfully danced it on the lectern in the Bundestag.

Armin Laschet at the beginning of the election campaign in a boxing school in Frankfurt

It is time for an effective hit from the Union’s candidate for chancellor.

(Photo: dpa)

Prize boxer Markus Söder

One of them will be sitting at home in front of the television and practicing shadow boxing. CSU boss Markus Söder, who often comes across like a prize boxer. Sometimes he lovingly hugs trees. But he would also brutally blow her away if it helped him. He had already increased the pressure on Laschet in advance. He said this weekend would be his last chance to turn the tide.

The preliminary fight took place at the CSU party congress on Friday and Saturday in Nuremberg. Laschet already gave a little Graciano Rocchigiani, gave a passionate speech. He kept trying a few jabs against the SPD.

But there was no infight against Olaf Scholz on Saturday. He had a few verbal counter-attacks from the second political row. That’s it. The main fight will take place this evening on ARD and ZDF.

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Which hits could Laschet land? In the first triell he brought Scholz into distress, especially with the reference to a possible left alliance. To this day, Scholz has not ruled out such a thing. Otherwise, Laschet’s seconds Paul Ziemiak and Friedrich Merz have already tried everything.

Ziemiak accuses Scholz of destroying Europe because he is striving for a debt and social union. Merz tried to raise the issue of immigration. Whether Laschet will get these issues conveyed, which is more of a balancing course, will only be seen this evening.

Hope for the lucky punch

If the trend reversal does not come, it should be very tight for the CDU man. In the party there is already behind the scenes blame and position battles in the event of an election defeat. Some fear the explosion of the CDU if the SPD is in front of the Union in the end. The others want to save themselves as junior partners in a government.

In boxing there is the so-called lucky punch. So if, shortly before the last gong, a fighter knocked off on points wins. It is not known whether Armin Laschet has a horseshoe in his right or left boxing glove. But he could use it if he wants to become the CDU’s Rocky Balboa. Someone who in the end still fights his way to the top.

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