Brits Announced the ‘One’ Expensive Thing in Turkey

The British residing in Turkey, who participated in the HSBC Expat Explorer survey, explained the only thing they found expensive in Turkey. According to the British, cars are the ‘only’ expensive thing in Turkey.

Turkey is a tourist destination for many foreigners, especially with its suitable climate, landscapes and holiday destinations. However, there is another important factor that makes Turkey attractive to foreigners and makes it difficult for us to make a living: cheapness for foreigners born due to the exchange rate difference. A tourist coming to Turkey, for example our A coffee we drink with 15 units of money for 1.35 units can consume.

Although most foreigners say that Turkey is a cheap country for them, a new survey conducted showed that foreigners find something expensive. According to the HSBC Expat Explorer survey, many Britons who settled in Turkey from the United Kingdom advised new ‘expatriates’ who are considering settling in Istanbul not to buy a car.

Car prices shock even the British:

UK expatriates living in Istanbul, “If you live in Istanbul, do not buy a car. Expensive, complex and easier to get from one place to another by public transport or taxi in the city.” he said. Other results from the survey are similar to the advice that all foreigners coming to Turkey give to other foreigners. meeting people and culture was his recommendation.


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So what is the reason why even foreigners say car prices are expensive?

car price in turkey

A news previously shared by Jalopnik offers the clearest idea on this subject. in this news 150 thousand dollars abroad of a Porsche Cayenne Coupe model car 600 thousand dollars in Turkey is said to match. Explaining in the article that he visited the Volkswagen gallery, David Tracy explains the reason for this in a video with the official at the gallery. The biggest reason is the purchases from automobiles in Turkey. Special Consumption Tax (SCT).

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