‘Brain-Eating Amoeba’ Leads to Another Person’s Death

The ‘brain-eating amoeba’, which causes the death of people by eating brain tissue, has led to the death of one more person in the USA.

It can cause an infection in the brain and lead to the death of the cases.naegleria fowleri” or ‘brain eating amoeba‘, led to the death of one person in the USA. Florida Department of Health announced that studies are continuing on the person who died as an infected person.

According to the first information shared, the infection was caused by the person’s sinus rinse using tap water. The brain-eating amoeba only enters the human body. can enter through the nose and cause infection.

Brain-eating amoeba-related deaths have been seen before in the US

Brain-eating amoeba infection is rare, but extremely deadly. In the USA, seen from 1962 to 2021 Only 4 out of 154 cases had survived. Just last year, a child became infected and died while swimming in the lake.

How to avoid brain-eating amoeba?

The brain-eating amoeba can be found in ponds, lakes and rivers around the world. It can also be stored in the pipes where tap water comes to our house. It is useful to take the following precautions to prevent amoeba:

  • Do not draw water into your nose in fresh and stagnant waters.
  • Do not make wudu with unfamiliar water.
  • Use boiled and cooled water for one minute.
  • Use distilled or sterile water.
  • Use water filters with NSF 53 or NSF 58 certification.

Symptoms of brain-eating amoeba:

brain eating amoeba

  • Stage 1:
    • Severe headache in the front of the head
    • Fire
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
  • Stage 2:
    • stiff neck
    • seizures
    • impaired mental state
    • hallucinations
    • Coma

Virologist Semih Tareen previously shared information about the brain-eating amoeba:


An Expert Response to the ‘Brain-Eating Amoeba’ News: Are We in Danger?

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