Bottas Wins Sprint Race in Italy

Bottas won the Sprint race, which will determine the order to start the race in the Monza GP held in Italy in Formula 1.

This year Formula 1One of the innovations that came to Turkey was sprint races. In this race, which is much shorter than normal races, the pilots who take the first three places are given 3, 2 and 1 points, respectively. The sprint race, which was held for the second time this year, was quite exciting.

Starting the race from the second pocket Hamilton While losing a lot of qualifying at takeoff, Pierre Gasly was out of the race after smashing his front wing in the first lap. He then raced to replace Raikkonen at Alfa Romeo. Kubica it spun.

18 rounds of excitement

In sprint races, there is no obligation to make a pit stop as in normal races. For this reason, the pilots took the track with medium-compound tyres. Some pilots preferred soft tyres. Out of the race in the first lap from Gasly No one was left out in the first half of another race.

Hamilton lost his second place in the long rune Lando Norris He chased his McLaren. Giovinazzi from Alfa Romeo and Ricciardo from McLaren were the names that managed to increase their ranking in the top 10.


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Valtteri Bottas, the Finnish driver of the Mercedes team, who will leave at the end of the season, enjoyed the sprint race, which he started in the first place, almost like a Sunday tour. It will be on the track with a new engine power unit. Bottas, regardless of the outcome of the sprint race, will start tomorrow’s main GP from last place. Therefore, Verstappen did not see the need to push Bottas too much.

Hidden winner of the Verstappen sprint race


Although Bottas from the Mercedes team won the sprint challenge, he will start tomorrow’s race from the last row. second right after him Verstappen he won both 2 points and the first pocket. Hamilton, on the other hand, remained behind the McLarens, losing the advantage for the start of the race and not getting any points.

After the race that will be held tomorrow, Formula 1 will be again this time. to Russia will be guests. On October 10, we have been waiting for a long time and once added to the calendar, once removed. Turkish GPwe can watch.