Bosphorus Students’ Mobile Game Company Sold to Zynga

Zerosum, a mobile game development company founded by Boğaziçi University students, was acquired by Zynga. Known for their games called Barista Life, the team aims to become one of the best developers in the world with this collaboration.

Founded in 2019 by Boğaziçi University students, “ZerosumThe mobile game company named ” was acquired by Zynga, one of the most important names in the game world. This great success of Zerosum, which has a young and dynamic team, is increasing day by day in the Turkish mobile game industry. you’re getting a little better a clear indication.

Zerosum, a Business Administration student Hope Ismetoglu graduated from the same department Hasan Burak was founded by “Barista LifeThe company, which made a name for itself with a game called “, has made this game with the work it has done, including the USA. in 42 countries Made it into the top five. The success of Turkish youth has not gone unnoticed by one of the world’s largest gaming companies.

Zerosum’s eyes high

Statements made on the subject Zerosum CEO Umut İsmetoğlu stated that they have become a big team of 35 people from a group of 2 and they have done important works in a short time. Stating that in addition to Barista Life, they have implemented many projects that attract the attention of the players, İsmetoğlu said that they are sure that they will do much better with the Zynga cooperation, and that their main goal is to one of the best in the world Said it was to be one.

Umut İsmetoğlu, not only from Zynga, but also from different companies in this process. they got an offer it states. Explaining what happened in that process, the statements of Zerosum CEO are as follows:

We received offers from many companies, but our meetings with Zynga and Rollic Games, one of the best mobile game companies in the world, were positive. The Zynga group will have a lot to add to us. In addition to knowing the game business very well, this group also has advanced data, the importance of which has increased in the sector in recent years. With the strength of this cooperation behind us, we will continue our work at Zerosum without slowing down. All over the world, especially the USA market everyone loves playing We are working to develop new mobile games. The mobile game is a very challenging product and developing it is a team effort. In order to be successful in this sector, it is very important to produce the right product at the right time with the right team. A good game must have very good technique, design and product design.. With this approach, we want to grow even more by adding our young and talented new friends who want to develop mobile games in Turkey to our team.

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