Borussia Dortmund: 0: 1! 1: 2! 2: 3! 4: 3! This is how BVB finds the master turn – Bundesliga

First they sing for him, then they win for him.

Dortmund is 0: 1, 1: 2 and 2: 3 behind in Leverkusen, but wins 4: 3 in the end. A great present for trainer Marco Rose, who will be 45 years old on Saturday and whom the stars will serenade in the morning.

Not only that: They also show a change in mentality. In the past, the BVB stars have often been accused of ducking their heads when they fall behind. In the spectacle game in Leverkusen they are three times behind, but turn the game at the end.

This is how BVB finds the master turn!

Rose is happy: “The most important thing is three points in a very wild game. It was a game with two very good teams, a top Bundesliga game. If you also have a birthday on a day like this, it’s even nicer. “

It’s clear: With this mentality, BVB can play at the top. But not with the defense …

BVB coach Marco Rose

BVB coach Marco RosePhoto: WITTERS

Rose sees it that way too. His team has already conceded nine goals, and in Leverkusen they also invite the opponent to score goals with some hair-raising mistakes.

Rose: “We conceded too many goals. But we know that we have a few things to talk about. ”

Erling Haaland equalizes the early 0: 1 from Wirtz (9th), Julian Brandt (49th) the 1: 2 from Schick (45th + 1), taking Haaland’s template with the hoe. It is Guerreiro who equalized Diaby’s 3-2 (55th) with a dream free kick in the corner (71st).

The winning goal scored – who else? – Haaland, who safely converts a penalty (77th).

The 911 is controversial. Kossounou wants to shield the ball, Marco Reus is hit with his arm in the face, bleeding. Referee Siebert points to the point after a video view.

Reus, abused badly by Leverkusen fans after the final whistle, at Sky: “In my opinion, it wasn’t a real blow. But the referee whistled for penalties, so it was a penalty. “

Rose: “I think the referee whistled according to the rules.”

It doesn’t matter to BVB. The 911 does the trick perfectly.