BÖRÜ will meet its fans with its NFT collection!

“BÖRÜ”, one of Turkey’s most watched and eagerly followed productions, stepped into the world of NFT. Within the scope of the project being worked on; An agreement was signed between CaglarArts Insignia and Capital Block for the production and presentation of digital NFT content for the production. Thus, the NFT collections to be put up for sale were also determined.

Established in 2015 and signed off on major productions such as “Mountain” and “BÖRÜ” CaglarArts Insignia, is preparing to announce the 3-year agreement they signed for this. Finally, the first NFT collections of BÖRÜ brand and other gifts to be given to collectors were determined. Here are the details…

What are the most expensive NFT artifacts?

Do you know the most expensive NFT artifacts? If you’re wondering what they are and how much they sell for, here’s the list…

Coming soon BÖRÜ 2039 This is inspired by the series NFT‘s, 2039 It will be based on the natural futurism of the year. BÖRÜ NFT series supply will start with 1/1 special NFT to be released on December 16th. 1 unique, 3D animated Wolf Head will be auctioned for 1 week.


In addition, the person who wins the auction and buys this NFT will be presented with a specially designed statue, which will also appear in a scene in the last episode and be thanked in the credits section. In addition, 10 different pack shots (5-10 seconds of animated animation) will be presented as NFT on the evening of the 1st episode airing.

Buyers will also receive physical copies of the posters signed by Alper Çağlar. These 10 lucky people will also be invited to the drama set and tour the set. Finally; Different illustrations of the 4 main characters who have important roles in the series will be presented as 10 different NFT packages. The 10 people who receive these NFTs will hold an online AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with 4 players. They will also receive 10 physical items from the drama set.

The creator of the series, Alper Çağlar, said, “We are the first franchise series in the world to publish a special collection for their content. Our NFTs are directly related to visual identity and, more importantly, to our fans’ favorite characters. BÖRÜ has always had a special fan base from all strata of society who appreciate our efforts for quality.

Therefore, it remains the world famous Turkish action series with the highest viewership rating ever. These special designs will portray the cast of characters and expand to rarer assets. “I am thrilled that our NFT creations will lead to an even more intimate relationship with the loyal fan base that propels us to international recognition and bestows us the privilege of being pioneers in Turkish filmmaking.”

So what do you think about this subject? Would you buy BÖRÜ’s NFT collection? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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