BÖRÜ 2039’s First Trailer Released [Video]

The first trailer of the science fiction series BÖRÜ 2039, which will be broadcast on BluTV shortly after, has been released. The trailer of the series, in which Istanbul will be discussed after a disaster, reveals that the action will be at the highest level.

One of Turkey’s new generation online TV series and movie platforms. BluTVwill bring a brand new production to its subscribers in the near future. This science fiction production, called BÖRÜ 2039, focuses on what can happen in Turkey after a disaster. The new trailer prepared for the series prepared for the project undertaken by Alper Çağlar, BÖRÜ 2039It reveals that ‘ will be brimming with action-packed scenes.

The production team made a comprehensive report on BÖRÜ 2039. did not inform. For this reason, we cannot give a wide coverage to the subject of the series. However, when we look at the trailer, BÖRÜ 2039 is a that there is an internal reckoning we can easily see. This internal reckoning comes from BÖRÜ, which swept the agenda at the time it was published.

Expected to be released in December

There is no clear explanation about the release of BÖRÜ 2039. However, when we look at the social media accounts for the series, every post shared “Very soon” Emphasis does not escape attention. A new statement to be made in the coming days will reveal the official release date of the series on BluTV will clarify looks like.


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In addition to the Mountain and Mountain II project that Alper Çağlar has undertaken in the past years; It also attracted attention with the productions called BÖRÜ, which started as a series in 2018 and became a movie. Turkey in the movie Mountain the reality of terrorism The director, who brought us to him in a striking way, also attracted great attention with Dağ II. In BÖRÜ, a special Police Special Operations The focus was on the story of the team, and it was conveyed to the audience by playing on real events. The movie was also a continuation of the series, which played only 6 episodes. The new series seems to be at least as interesting as the previous ones.

Here is the first trailer prepared for BÖRÜ 2039

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