Books Like Game of Thrones

Are you ready for the list of books that you would love at least as much as House of the Dragon and Rings of Power, or even more if they were serialized?

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear the news of a new fantastic production. House of the Dragon and Rings of Power The series has arrived but what’s to come! We wanted to give a perspective to the fantastic production craze and race that has emerged in recent days. Disney, Netflix and Amazon; hear us here, look what artifacts there are!

We have prepared a brand new list for you. If his series comes out, at least I say “look at least” House of the Dragon, Rings of Power, Witcher “I don’t know” game of Thrones We wanted to list some amazing books that you will love as much as you do. Especially if you are looking for TV series like Game of Thrones, this list is for you, let me wake you up!

Books like Game of Thrones that will enchant you with its story:

The dark meeting point of the realms: Ravenloft Series

In Ravenloft, a neat book series of intrigue, sensation, love, betrayal, war, blood bar Strahd von Zarovich You can read the story of our charismatic or charismatic, psychopath or psychopath vampire. The novel series, whose paths cross with the Dragonlance series in several stories, contains both fantastic and gothic elements. If you haven’t read it, it’s still not too late to start.

It will overtake you with its darkness: Vampire the Masquerade

As a matter of fact, VTM is not a clear book series. whitewolfVampire the Masquerade, an FRP system produced by .

Vampires, werewolves, mages, hunters, fairies, demons and many supernatural creatures World of Darkness the universe is so suitable for creating a story that if they make this production for 20 seasons, there will be another 20 seasons of adventure; I’m talking big. In VTM, you can examine vampires by clan, or at least try to play their games.

By the way, a series was tried years ago, but it did not continue after the first season. Vampire the Masqueradeto i think Netflix can give it a chance.

The series where a story becomes reality: The Cthulhu Series

HP Lovecraftlegendary build of cthulhu series is another. book written by a person necronomicon It has given rise to the birth of his sect, so think about it.

cthulhu Whether you adapt the books or make an original series in its universe, it enters the list of the most legendary productions in the world. “Disney can take a look heren.”


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Getting to the bottom of nostalgia: Ultima

“Wow sir, I UltimaIf you say “I thought it was only Ultima Online” or something, you are wrong, there is a very gruesome story. sosaria Ultima, an epic story set in the universe of Technocrat WarYou can start reading from.

By the way, I don’t know how much Richard Garriott would want the story for Ultima, which includes all kinds of fantastic elements if the series were made. He obviously lives in a castle in England and may not be able to keep up with the gas bill this winter. Footnote: Richard Garriott character in the book Lord British.


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Game and book that fascinates people with its story: Warcraft

So now Blizzard’So, there is actually a book series of the legendary work of the artist. If they start making series LegionThere are at least 20 seasons of stories until we get to . I’m not exaggerating, if Tyrande and Illidan Stormrage were talking about their love, I would say that “Ask-ı Memnu” was next to it.

Illidan‘of Tyrandebesides his love for malfurionShould I say that ‘s silence on this situation, or that Tyrande will go to Illidan and say, “The world will perish, Illidan, save us!” If I say… Hey baby hey, if they just pulled this love… piuuuu. By the way, the books are truly legendary; at least read it.


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Novel series where FRP game turns into story: Dragonlance Series


Dude, forget all the intrigues you’ve seen so far. Look at this book series game of ThronesHe breaks his mouth and nose. It is not clear who is doing what with whom in the book series. Especially the Raistlin Majere There is such a character, dear reader, you wouldn’t believe it. Consider a character who can do anything, including killing his brother, to gain power; As for Littlefinger, Sezercik Lion Piece remains with him.

Meanwhile, in many spinoff there are also books that can accommodate; for example Epic of HumaLike the Majere Brothers. The series, which contains more than 60 books on average, which you can call seriously super, has the potential to be a really enjoyable series. same before the hobbit A Dragon Lance animated movie was also made, but it was not very successful. Maybe if it’s done on a digital platform budget, it can really deliver a neat flow.

Ends black elf controversy: Forgotten Realms Series

Drizzt Do Urden

Now all the series we have written so far aside Forgotten Realms to one side. Although Forgotten Realms contains many separate stories, there is one character. Drizzt Do’Urden his name is almost like a voice when he reads it to you Jon Snow leaves an impression. (For those who say, “Oh God, how?”, the answer is below.)

character named Drizzt Do’Urden;

  • He’s ostracized because he’s not like a dark elfer.
  • He uses a double machete.
  • Almost the best fighter in the universe.
  • He flees Menzoberranzan, where there are fights for the throne.
  • He has a panther named Guenhwyvar.

By the way, there is a character named Wulfgar among his very close friends, a believer in the god named Tempus. Room Barbarian. How familiar is the story, right?

Anyways, Forgotten Realms and game of Thrones It may be right or wrong to make an analogy, but the book series can really be one of the most enjoyable fantasy stories ever written. Especially just Dark Elves maybe a huge series can come out on it.

Especially; Drizzt, Wulfgar, Artemis Entreri, Jarlaxle In a story series with legendary characters such as House Baenre and Menzoberranzan, there is a very chaotic universe. Forgotten Realms series game of Thrones If you like it, it will satisfy you greatly.

Also, let’s not forget, this book series is also Dragonlance such a wide series, which many of you are already familiar with from games like Neverwinter.

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