Bomb Claim for Loki Series: Superman Is Coming

An exciting claim has been made about the second season of the Loki series, which is one of Marvel’s most popular productions recently. Accordingly, the enemies we will see in the series will be quite familiar to us.

Parallel universes emerged, Kang the first time we met, Sylvie and all kinds Loki Preparations continue for the second season of the Loki series, which we see the version of. The allegations from Hollywood backstage point out that the new season may be much more bomb-like.

Now that the multiverses are involved, he will be able to add any character he wants to the series. MarvelLooks like it will go to an ambitious head bad choice for the Loki series. Allegedly, it has very similar features to Superman. Hyperion and his team will be the villains of the series this season. Henry Cavill will play Hyperion.

The original is also Cavill, the copy is Cavill

Coming in 2025 Avengers: Kang Dynasty If we go back to the movie and our heroes fight with Kang, the seriousness of the character will be lost. Being aware of this situation, it is not expected that Marvel will make another of the Kang characters, one of which was already shown in the first season, the worst in this season.

The CineStealth account, which previously disclosed some information about Marvel, was hacked, and the hacker shared in a post. Henry Cavill will appear in Loki as Hyperion had claimed. When CineStealth got her account back, she continued to show the famous actress as Hyperion. If the claim is true, Loki’s opponent in season 2 will be The Squadron Supreme. According to the allegations, Marvel started negotiations with Cavill for the role.

What is this Squadron Supreme?

squadron supreme

This team, which appeared in the 1971 Avengers comic book, Hyperion, Nighthawk, Doctor Spectrum, Power Princess and Whizzer. These characters are grossly similar to DC’s infamous Justice League team. Hyperion is also kind of is Superman. (DC also has Avengers-like Retaliators).


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On the other hand, although The Squadron Supreme first appeared as a bad team under the name of Squadron Sinister, some characters changed sides over time, and the points of some characters differed. The one who has already cast a Batman (Christian Bale) MarvelMaybe he’ll include Superman on his team, who knows?

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