Bogie of Istanbul Becomes a Worldwide Event

It was claimed that the dog named Boji, who became a phenomenon with his wanderings on the streets of Istanbul, pooped on the tram. Murat Ongun, the spokesperson of IMM, denied the allegations with the video he shared on Twitter. The video, which spread rapidly, received a worldwide reaction.

last month on the streets of Istanbul wandering around a dog has been noticed by citizens, there are many about it on social media sharing was done. Generally, in subways and metrobuses, the railway component that provides the movement of the wheels is the dog sleeping on the bogie. Bogie was named.

Boji can reach many districts of Istanbul by using public transportation vehicles. to travels was going out. Boji’s health checks were carried out by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and in order to understand where it was traveling. microchip was attached. One day thanks to microchip 29 stops Boji, who appeared to be traveling phenomenon became.

It was claimed that Boji had pissed on the tram


The Allegation That IMM’s Phenomenal Dog Boji Fouled On The Tram Was Rejected: It Was Left By Human Hands

Boji, which is described as the lovely friend of Istanbul, has had many fair/unfair criticism became its target. Of course, making a dog a “mascot” and living among people on public transport is very important to him. great danger it creates. However, while there may be a better way to follow for his and the whole society’s health, it is possible that this event, which started quite cute with a claim made yesterday, may come. the last point We saw.

Boji, which has become a phenomenon of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, rumors that he pissed on the tram was put forth. IMM spokesperson Murat Ongun is on Twitter today. “Boji was allegedly pooping on the tram. But the cameras tell us this inconceivable He showed me the footage, watch it.” shared a video recorded with the security camera of the tram with the note. Twitter users showed their reactions to the video that spread in a short time. After the post made by a person named Can Okar, the incident spread abroad as well. from around the world There was also a lot of reaction.

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