Bocuk Night, Where Aunts Turned into Jokers, is on the World’s Topic

The tradition of Bocuk Night, which has been going on for more than a thousand years, was held again on 28 January. The festival found its place in the international press this year.

Çamlıca village of Edirne’s Keşan district has been known for many years.Bocuk NightIt has a tradition called ”. The festival, which is held on a designated night in January every year, is far from our traditions with its atmosphere and surroundings.

The festival, in which citizens painted their faces with the theme of fear, also attracted worldwide attention. The images reflected in the camera lenses from the festival were also very colorful. This year on January 28 Bocuk Night, which was held, was also reflected in the foreign media:

The reflection of Bocuk Night abroad:

Creating content with the visuals of photojournalist Sedat Suna from European Pressphoto Agency The Guardianbecame the vehicle for the special night to be heard around the world. The night, which was titled “Bocuk Night: expelling evil spirits in Turkey”, was the subject of many news.

Another of them came from the Spanish La Verdad. La Verdad’s images of Suna “A Scary Festival” titled.

Images of the night of January 28 reflected on social media:

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