Boats Sold Again on A101

A101, which went viral 6 months ago, will put the boat on sale again on Thursday next week. However, the price may upset, let’s be warned in advance.

About 6 months ago, A101 announced that it would sell a product that fell like a bomb on the agenda of social media. The product that people talked about for a week on social media was a boat.

Chain market, selling this boat about 6 months later, it will be actively sold again. announced. We examined this boat at that time, and the same boat will be offered for sale. Let’s take a look at the video in which we examine the boat first.

109.000 TL A101 boat – Webtekno special review

In the title of the video, you see the price of the A101 boat as 79.999 TL because that was the price 5 months ago. A101, approx. With a price tag of 109.000 TL with a 40% increase will re-sell the boat on Thursday next week.

Just like last time, this time the boat will not come with its engine. You need to buy the engine and some other accessories from the manufacturer.


A101 Will Now Sell ‘Caravan’: Here’s the Price, Features and Reactions From Social Media

The 40% raise may seem like a lot, but let’s say that it is a reasonable amount since many things, including the minimum wage, have been raised at a higher rate.

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