BNB Community to Vote on Fate of BSC Attacker: $46M Prize Available

BNB will go to a community vote on the fate of the $460 million token frozen in the attacker’s account after stopping the exploit on Binance Smart Chain.

BNB October 7 An approximate amount of assets seized by an attacker who exploited a vulnerability on Binance Smart Chain on 460 million froze the portion of dollars before the attacker could remove it from the net. In the post published on BNB’s official website on Oct. action plan for to the governance vote announced to go.

About the BNB governance action plan 4 He stated that he would present different titles and listed the titles as follows;

  • What to do with hacked funds? Should it be frozen? Should he be released?
  • Should BNB Auto Burn be used to deactivate frozen funds?
  • Any significant error found to detect potential future vulnerabilities. 1 million Should a Whitehat hacker program be launched with a dollar reward?
  • of recovered funds 10%Should it be set aside as a reward for catching the attacker?

Not yet to vote not giving an exact date BNB will take place in the coming days After BNB update stated that it will.

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