BMW takes a step towards solid state battery production!

solid state batteryIt is a battery technology that uses solid electrodes and solid electrolytes instead of the liquid or polymer gel electrolytes found in lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries. solid state batteries; such as flammability, limited voltage, unstable solid-electrolyte interphase formation, poor cycling performance. lithium-ion derivatives are thought to provide potential solutions for many problems.

BMW increases solid-state battery investments

In particular, automobile companies have accelerated their work on solid-state batteries recently. working on this BMWfinally Solid Power announced that he had formed a partnership with the company. Now, this partnership is expanding even further.

Under the new agreement, the automaker is fully at the Cell Manufacturing Competence Center (CMCC) near Munich. solid state batteries (ASSB) has been licensed to build a prototype line for assembly. Before installing the prototype line BMWaims to optimize cell manufacturing processes by asking Solid Power to provide the necessary training.

Electric car manufacturers are in a difficult situation!

Electric car manufacturers are in a difficult situation!

Shares of Rivian and Lucid, the leading electric car manufacturers, have fallen significantly over the past year.

The Bavarian automaker said in a press release. to ASSB technology announced plans to have a prototype vehicle ready before 2025. In this process, Solid Power will supply cells for testing purposes during the year.

BMW will form the basis of its cars for years to come. Neue Klasse It also designs its platform in accordance with solid state batteries. It is very difficult to predict when the German manufacturer will launch its first model with a solid state battery. BMW It looks like it will have to wait a while longer for that.

BMW-Solid Power solid state battery

revolutionary from battery technology first, we will see Gen6 batteries with round cells first from BMW. Compared to existing Gen5 prismatic cells, the new Gen6 It promises 30% faster charging, 30% more range and 20% more energy density.

Another brand working on solid state battery technology. Toyota plans to introduce its first model in 2025. So what do you think about solid state battery technology? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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