BMW M3 Touring introduced: Here are the features!

Audi RS4 Avant and Mercedes-AMG C63 Estate is no longer alone. BMW finally M3 with first station wagon bodywork released the model. long awaited BMW M3 Touring officially introduced. Both useful and powerful cars seem ready to fight with their rivals. Here is the new BMW M3 Touring properties.

BMW M3 Touring is both performance and useful

M3 Competition Developed on the basis of the new M3 Touring, 510 horsepower and 650 Nm torque owner. The vehicle with the distinction of being the first station-wagon model in the history of the M3 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder engine is hosting.

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Power as standard 8 speed automatic transmission It is transferred to the M xDrive all-wheel drive system. This powerful station wagon model can only reach 100 km/h. 3.6 seconds can reach. The top speed of the M3 Touring limited to 250 km/h case. This value is increased when the M Driver’s Package is purchased. to 280 km/h possible to remove.

Of course, this special model has more than just a powerful engine. to sporty settings At the same time, the vehicle equipped with suspension Active M differential is also offered. An advanced braking system is used to stop this powerful vehicle. The new model is optionally available. with carbon ceramic brake discs can also be purchased.

With all these features, the M3 Touring Nurburgring runway 7 minutes 35,060 seconds managed to tour. The M3 Touring managed to become the fastest station wagon on the track during this time. The new model also has time to catch up on the track. M5 Competition and second generation Acura NSXHe has proven how ambitious he is by succeeding in leaving behind .

In terms of vehicle design, it is available of the M3 model he’s following in his footsteps. In the model that hosts BMW’s controversial large grilles, sport bumpers stands out. aerodynamic side mirrors and quad exhaust outlet reveals the character of the vehicle.

BMW M3 Touring it also manages to combine all performance features and sporty appearance with practicality. 500 liter trunk In the M3 Touring, which proves that it is a family car at the same time with its capacity, the volume of the load compartment is increased when the rear seats are folded. to one thousand 510 liters reaching.

Also in the interior M3 SedanWe see that the footsteps of . 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster and the curved screen layout with the 14.9-inch infotainment system is also featured in the M3 Touring. Merino leather sports seats, sports steering wheel and used a lot carbon fiber material The sporty character of the vehicle is also evident in the interior.

BMW is taking orders for its new model. from September will begin. will go into production in November. M3 Touringwill be available in several other markets besides Europe. It is not yet certain whether the new model will come to our country.

The BMW M3 Touring, which does not leave aside the usefulness as well as the performance features it offers, looks quite impressive. So what do you think about BMW’s first station wagon M3? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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