Blow to Bitcoin (BTC) Miners from Iran: Stops Supplying Electricity

The Iranian authorities are responsible for the high energy consumption in two days. bitcoin (BTC) announced that they will restrict their activities by cutting off electricity to miners.

Bloomberg’s 19 June Iran’s energy sector spokesperson Mostafa Rajabi Mashadiciting the seasonal increase in electricity demand in the country, in an interview given to the state television. June 22licensed from 118 Bitcoin mining to the entire enterprise will stop supplying electricity told.

Rajabi Mashadielectricity demand last year August breaking records in 67,000 megawatts this week in the country where the 63,000 megawatts He said that it is necessary to be prepared for power cuts as it is expected to pass.

the government, 2019 After officially recognizing the cryptocurrency mining industry in 2020 in the year Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade by more than 1,000 cryptocurrency mining business licence giving Iraniansimilarly last year, due to the increasing electricity demand in the summer months. Powered down Bitcoin miners with the decrease in demand after September at the end of the month had lifted the ban.

Unlike previous years, its share in Bitcoin mining has decreased significantly. Iranian’s shutdown of all licensed operations in the country Bitcoin hash rate It is not thought to have much of an effect on

Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) latest data Iranian‘of Bitcoin hash rate of other countries to the back It shows falling. Iranianlast year June total per month Bitcoin hash rate of 6.9%This ratio is January 2022 decreased significantly by 0.2%fell to.

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