Bloomberg Intelligence: ETH Could Topple BTC If It Keeps Its Pace In 2021

According to Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, if ether (ETH) maintains its momentum against bitcoin (BTC) this year, it will towards 2023 can overthrow.

  • Bitcoin “value store”Decentralized finance (DeFi) “building block” Analysts describe both as increase in value looks probable.

  • In the report published by Bloomberg Intelligence for September, for bitcoin $100,000, $5,000 for ether numbers indicated.

  • Bitcoin, since the beginning of 2021 Gained more than 300% value if its price follows ether over $100,000 is reported to occur.

  • “Especially given the supply disruption last year, we a high probability as we see. The biggest increases in value have always been in the post-halving years, and (bitcoin) will see it in 2021. a 4 storey The growth remains small compared to the 55-fold growth in 2013 and the 15-fold growth in 2017.”

  • halving; While halving the amount of bitcoin entering circulation, the London update on the other hand started to reduce the amount of ether in circulation.

  • Bloomberg Intelligence analysts have started to see more demand thanks to non-fungible tokens (NFT) and “the money of the internet” the inflation rate of ether, which could be may fall below stated.

  • With the stablecoins it provides infrastructure “Digital dollar dominance” for ether specified as hosting, “If Ethereum’s pace against bitcoin in 2021 is maintained in terms of price growth, (ether’s) market cap towards the end of 2022 (bitcoin’s) market value. Our graph shows that such a transition could be towards 2023 in the form of a more realistic prediction.” it said.

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