Blood-Crying Allegation About The Wednesday Star

Some people on Twitter, who stated that they were acquainted with Percy Hynes White before, claimed that the star was sending nude photos to underage girls and even had sexual intercourse. White has not yet commented on the matter.

He played the character of Xavier in the new Netflix series Wednesday. Percy HynesWhitecame to the fore today with blood-chilling claims. Twitter user “@milkievich”, Percy that he sent nude photos and had sexual intercourse with girls under the age of 18 suggested.

After the allegations on social media for a short time, Percy’s posts on his Instagram account were filled with lynching comments. Percy, the posts on your Instagram account Closed the comment section.

Shared claim about Percy Hynes White:

“Percy lives in Toronto, and he and his group of friends have been posing as ‘hunters’ since the age of 15, manipulating girls for sex or nude photos. They were rude, abusive to girlfriends, girls, and people in general.

When he got a little older, he started throwing parties in his basement, planning to invite especially women with his friends and thinking that they were too sexy and that they would get their girls drunk enough to have sex with them, and they were lying about being drunk.

When I was 17, he used to go after my friend, who was 13-14 at the time, as far as I know, and had sex, abuse, and get drunk. The last time I knew they were having sex, my friend was 16 and Percy was 20.

At one of the parties, he attacked me when I was very drunk, cornered many of my friends, suppressed and attacked me. She has rape charges against her and laughs at her victims and shares nude photos against their will.”

The accuracy of these claims is unknown:

percy hynes

The allegations shared by the Twitter user have not yet been confirmed. With this There was no statement from Percy Hynes White on the subject either.

However, after these statements, different people who claimed to be victims also shared:

percy hynes white

“It hurts to see this man in the public eye and to see the admiration of hundreds of thousands of young girls. She let me be raped in her basement, and when she called me about it, she was most worried about the police, not whether I was okay. She then continued to make a rapist live in her mother’s home.”

Another victim shared photos that Percy claimed to have sent:


It is not known whether the photos in question are real or not.

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