BlockFi Explains: Did Executives Withdraw Money Before or After Bankruptcy?

Bankrupt crypto loan company BlockFi claimed that company officials did not make any withdrawals before and after the bankruptcy, and stated that its full financial statement will be published soon.

A lawyer at BlokcFi told the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey on Monday that no member of the BlockFi management team had 14 Octoberfrom the platform since do not withdraw any cryptocurrencies declared. In addition to the lawyer’s statement, in the same way, no one from the team 17 Augustthroughout the process after 0.2 BTCHe claimed that he did not make a large withdrawal from .

BlockFi legal advisors said the company plans to release its assets, liabilities and statement of financial position on January 11. from twitter confirmed this statement.

law firm Kirkland & Ellis‘s partner and BlockFi’s representative Joshua Sussberg In his statement on the subject, “The key takeaway here is that unlike companies like Celsius, BlockFi doesn’t attempt a money laundering prior to bankruptcy.” he stated. Kirkland & Ellis law firm also Dealing with the Celsius case is also known.

On the other hand, the court that looked at the FTX case recently claimed that BlockFi also claimed its rights. 450 million dollars Robinhood shares were confiscated and this decision was met with a reaction by the company.

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