and Deribit Among Firms Seeking Liquidation of Three Arrow Capital (3AC)

Cryptocurrency exchanges and Deribit are among the creditors who have filed for the liquidation of hedge fund Three Arrow Capital (3AC).

Bloomberg‘Fame 30 June Among the companies that have applied to a court for the liquidation of 3AC, according to the news dated and Deribit is also included.

LUNA-TOP crisis and Celsiusaffected by the troubles of 3ACAfter the news about the bankruptcy of British Virgin Islandsto a court inliquidation of the company was applied for. Courtshortly after application liquidation of the company decided and the consultancy company to carry out the process teneo‘from two consultants appointed. and Deribite officials told Bloomberg, He confirmed that they were among the creditors seeking the liquidation of 3AC.

Stating that they are cooperating in the ongoing investigations against 3AC, a spokesperson In his statement, he made the following statements on the subject:

We believe that Three Arrow Capital has defrauded the entire crypto industry and that the law is intended to hold them accountable to the fullest extent. We have filed for the immediate liquidation of all Three Arrows’ global holdings.

Blockchain analytics firm nansenaccording to 3ACof March under the management of 10 billion dollarsIt is estimated to have wealth. Co-founder of 3AC Davies earlier this month to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in an interview he gave of the companybefore the cryptocurrency markets crash April under the management of 3 billion dollarsHe said that he has wealth.

3ACon the grounds that it provided false information and exceeded the threshold of assets under its management. Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) by yesterday officially condemned.

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