Black Spots in Pepsi History: Pepsi AM and Crystal Pepsi

It is very difficult for brands to launch a new product. So much so that in some cases, the failure of the product can even take its place in the history of the brand and cause the brand to be mocked. Let’s take a look at Pepsi’s failure story.

We know that brands introduce new products from time to time in addition to their classic products to meet the current demands and needs of their customers. trying to adapt. Unfortunately, these new products, which are launched with great hopes, may not always meet expectations and cause great failures.

Although there are many products that have been unsuccessful by brands, some product failures make such a big impression that they take place as a black mark in the history of that brand and the story of their failures is told. In Pepsi’s history Crystal Pepsi and Pepsi AM, referred to as the brand’s biggest failures…

Pepsi wanted to adapt to the “transparency fashion”.

The product, which means “Crystal” in Turkish and found its place on the shelves under the name of Crystal Pepsi, was at that time. clear drinks without additives emerged because of the prevailing notion.

The only difference of Crysal Pepsi from the classic Pepsi was that it was transparent and did not contain caffeine.

crystal pepsi

First of all, the product is from the classic Pepsi. didn’t make much of a difference and in the late ’80s and early ’90s, there was a belief that lemon-containing drinks would be healthy. For these reasons, consumers had a hard time adopting Crysal Pepsi.

Pepsi has added lemon flavor to Crystal Pepsi, fulfilling what consumers want.

crystal pepsi

But the addition of lemon flavoring to Crystal Pepsi, which has a fundamentally different name and packaging, kind of 7 Up It’s like they created something.

a soda named 7 Up, Among the products of the Pepsi group was taking place, and the authorities would later realize that this decision was very wrong!

Consumers loved the lemon version, but Crystal Pepsi was starting to steal 7 Up’s market share!


Pepsi acted so naive and an obvious fact had overlooked…

Consumers love the lemon-flavored Crysal Pepsi, another product of the Pepsi brand. to drop in sales had caused.

Another reason for the failure of Crysal Pepsi is the plot set up by Coca-Cola!

tab clear

Coca-Cola, which is disturbed by the fact that Crystal Pepsi has reached quite large sales figures, Tab Clear He produced a transparent drink with a bad taste.

It was not a mistake that this product tasted bad! Coca-Cola completely consciously He did this to manage consumers’ perceptions of clear drinks and to ensure that both brands’ products failed.

Coca-Cola’s strategy was successful and within 6 months Production of both products has been stopped.

In the same period, Pepsi could not get enough of innovative ideas and created a “breakfast” coke.

i am pepsi

This product, named Pepsi AM, which appeared in 1989, contained too much caffeine and was drunk in the morning. to replace coffee was aiming.

Pepsi AM was actually quite a radical product because, if it were successful, it would change the decades-old breakfast culture.

Pepsi AM

In other words, although the idea is very innovative and daring, this product His opponent was too strong.

Pretty good for a product with such a radical purpose. bad strategies Pepsi AM, which followed, failed in matters such as taste, design, production and marketing strategy.

Competing with coffee, Pepsi AM must have underestimated its rival, so it could not achieve the desired success.

i am pepsi

This product, which failed in every area you can think of, was not liked by the consumers and gave Pepsi a lot of money. causing great harm It took its place among the failed attempts in Pepsi history.

As a result, although these products were launched with great hopes that they would bring great success, sometimes due to the lack of research and strategy, sometimes due to the competitor’s conspiracy, and sometimes due to misunderstanding of the consumer, innovative ideas were not used. can’t hold on We see.

Innovative products, which were launched with great hopes but could not hold on, are disappearing from the shelves like puffs, creating huge losses in the reputation and balance sheet of brands. If these products Only their stories remain.


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