Black Panther 2 star denied vaccine claims!

Black Panther 2 Production work is ongoing. COVID-19 The shootings, which continue under intense measures due to the ongoing epidemic, are allegedly sabotaged by the actors. According to the rumors last week, the leading role Letitia WrightBecause it was anti-vaccine, it caused some trouble on the set.

From the star player’s attitude MarvelWhile it was stated that ‘ was also disturbed, the first official statement on the subject came. Wright, who absolutely denied the allegations, still failed to clear all the question marks with his answer.

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Vaccination crisis on set of Black Panther 2?

The successful actress, who is alleged to be anti-vaccine and complicates things on the set, announced that she did not take such actions. The famous actress gave the following in her statements:

6 October dated The Hollywood ReporterIt saddens me to have to refer to the news of . Black Panther 2 I can assure you that the article about my behavior on the set is not true. Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows that I work incredibly hard in my profession and my main focus is always on doing effective and inspiring work. This has been and will continue to be my sole focus.

Shuri The star, who played the character, did not give any response to the part about the vaccine, although he found the allegations unfounded. The star name, who came to the agenda with an anti-vaccine video in the past, had to apologize later. However, the allegations and wrightAccording to the answers of , there does not appear to be any change in attitude about the vaccine.

Black Panther 2

In the context of these rumors Black Panther 2 Work is ongoing for Marvel and Disney While there is no response to the allegations from the front, the set team is also focused on their work. The production, which will be released next year, would meet us at an earlier date under normal conditions. However T’Challa’enlivening the Chadwick BosemanHis sudden death ruined his plans. Ryan Cooglerdirected by Black Panther 2 Expectations are also very high. with the first movie Oscar awards’It is a matter of curiosity whether the production, which was nominated for the film, will continue to be successful.

So you guys Letitia Wright What do you think about the anti-vaccine claims? Do not forget to share your views with us.

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