Black Holes Might Have Collided With Earth and Moon

Scientists and researchers claim that the Moon may be full of craters formed by tiny black holes, and that black holes collided with the Earth and many other celestial bodies.

Its gravitational field is so strong that it does not allow any material formation and radiation to escape from it; A cosmic body with a large mass, formed by the collection of a certain quantity of matter in space to a point. black holesIt continues to exist as a mystery for people, as it is also the subject of movies.

Black holes, also known as dead stars, are gravitational fields so large that no matter or radiation traveling through space can escape. According to a study published in the Royal Astronomical Society, scientists have found that ‘tiny’ black holes including the world He thinks he has crashed into many other celestial bodies.

“The moon is full of craters caused by black holes”

Saying that these tiny black holes were formed after the Big Bang, scientists stated that they started to spread while traveling through the Cosmos and possibly passed the Moon in our Solar System and reached the Earth. The ‘tiny’ in question to many planets, including the Earth and the Moon black holes hit Scientists claiming that the Moon is not as well protected as the Earth due to its thin atmosphere in the face of this collision.


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Researchers who think that the Moon is full of craters as a result of the collision of black holes, these craters formed by the collision of tiny black holes, into their dark and mysterious world. can shed light told. In the study, it was also stated that these black hole remnants could provide important data about ‘dark matter’ in the future. Especially thanks to NASA’s upcoming Artemis program and future manned Moon missions, these craters will be able to be examined.

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