Bittorent and Tron’s Weekly Reports Announced

According to the Bittorent and Tron report, which is published regularly every week, the market value of Bittorent has reached approximately 4 billion dollars, while the amount of USDT in circulation on the Tron side has reached 40 billion dollars.

Bittorent (BTT) weekly report

After BTTC (Bittorent chain) was announced to be released on December 12, the market value of Bittorent (BTT), which increased by about 65%, approached 4 billion dollars.

In Bittorent’s 49th weekly report, it is stated that there are 9.6 million Bittorent accounts, a total of 52.6 million transfer transactions were made, and 1.4 million transfers were made this week.

Tron (TRX) weekly report

According to data from TRONSCAN, which shows transaction records on the Tron network, on December 5, the total asset value (TVL) locked in Tron has decreased by $2 billion in the past month to $12.2 billion. The total number of Tron accounts has exceeded 64 million, and the number of new accounts this week is 1.2 million.

Justin Sun, founder of Tron and CEO of Bittorent, recently purchased #6666 BAYCTron NFT for $15 million.

Justin Sun; “I spent more money on image avatars than on Picasso’s work. After all, NFT avatars are the galleries of our generation.” said.

Its total value locked on on December 1 exceeded $3.1 billion.

In the weekly data they shared, the Tron Foundation shows the circulation market value of TRX this week. $6.9 billion and cumulative trade volume $15.2 billion declared that.

The number of users in the last 30 days of the JustLend platform, which will allow Tron users to earn money by staking, is approximately While increasing by 70%, trading volume increased by 13.4%.

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