Bitcoins of BTC-e, Closed by the USA, Take Action: Moved to Stock Exchanges!

3,299 Bitcoin (BTC) in the accounts of BTC-e, the crypto money exchange closed by the USA in 2017, took action.

FBI by in 2017 shut down USA based cryptocurrency exchange BTC-eThe assets belonging to ‘ took action after a long time. Actions noticed by users on a Russian Telegram channel on March 14 started. About the details 3,299 BTC worth $92 million sent to some exchanges and individual addresses. First of all, the Bitcoins subject to the transfer 23 November 2022withdrawn from BTC-e in 10k BTC was found to be associated with

Some of the Bitcoins moved according to data verified by on-chain analytics firm Crystal Blockchain MEXC, Kucoin And BTC2pm moved to wallets linked to exchanges. Experts say that these transactions, Bitcoins due to the effort to convert it into cash. suggested. It is not known by whom the operation was carried out.

The FBI shut down BTC-e in 2017 and is a Russian citizen allegedly managing the exchange. Alexander VinnikHe had arrested him in Greece. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecuted the Russian executive for money laundering and other crimes.

vinnik, GreeceAfter being in prison for a while He was tried in France and ultimately extradited to the USA. He is currently in Santa Rita prison in California exists.

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