Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Short-Medium Term Key Support and Resistances

Bitcoin, which closed the day at 03.00 TSI at the level of 20500 dollars, is watching red in the daily period at the time of writing.

Even if it shows a decrease after the closing of the day, in the last 24 hours 8% increase Bitcoin, at the time of writing 20000 dollars is located around.

Bitcoin 1-Hour Chart

Bitcoin, which fell again after breaking above its resistance on the one-hour chart, is the level where it fell. 20300 dollars around right now as resistance it’s working. After a long time, a new high bottom and high peak Even if the uptrend of Bitcoin seems to have started, in the short term 19200 dollar levels It has to stay on.

19200 level If it can’t stay above it, it may come to the agenda to revisit $ 17600, where it finds support. In addition, if this level is broken, Bitcoin will seek a new bottom.

Up-to-date support 17600-19200 while dollar levels, as resistance 20200 and 22700 dollars have levels.

Bitcoin 1-Day Chart

bitcoin, 2017 from the top of the year seems to have received a reaction, but many commentator and analyst According to him, this is not an adequate response. According to Bitcoin’s ABCD formation is active with blue line stated $11,500 levels are expected to decrease.

Current resistance 28800 Bitcoin with dollar levels is currently the support level It is available at $17,600. However, if this level is broken, the other formation also shows. 12 thousand dollars levels are possible.

In order for us to expect a rise in Bitcoin, it should make new highs in the daily or it is indicated in red. daily closings above the falling trend needs.

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