Bitcoin Searches On Google Have Increased By 100 Percent Recently

The sharp movements in cryptocurrencies in recent days have led to an increase in interest in Bitcoin, according to the data.

According to Google Trends data “Bitcoin” The search index for the word has dropped steadily since last June. However FTX The bankruptcy of the stock market caused all cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, to take place on the world agenda. According to the data, it was at the level of 25 in October. bitcoin The search index has reached 50 points out of 100 as of now.

The frequency of searches for cryptocurrencies generally increases when there is a sensational news or sharp price action in the market. According to the data of the last 1 year, the most frequently searched time period for Bitcoin was the first weeks of June, when there were very sharp decreases.

After the giant red candles we encountered in June, the crypto market has fallen into silence. Bitcoin in the summer “safe investment vehicle” It has had more sedentary days than the ounce of gold seen as But the collapse of FTX brought back the bustling days in crypto.

Latest Status in Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin calmed down after the bankruptcy of the giant stock market, the recovery that investors expected did not come.

The leading cryptocurrency fell to $ 15,900 with the spread of the news that the cryptocurrencies stolen from the FTX exchange were moving in the market.

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