Bitcoin Rising Bull Start? One Final Confirmation Remained According To The Famous Analyst!

Twitter phenomenon and cryptocurrency analyst Rekt Capital suggested that the rise in Bitcoin (BTC) over the past week could signal the start of a bull rally.

Analyst January 13 on his official social media account in his postBitcoin in the last 7 days with the rise in the weekly chart, the downtrend that you broke stated. Bitcoin’s week above trendline shut down of the breakdown will be approved suggesting that this situation marks the beginning of a bull rally. you can point expressed.

weekly trend line breakdown of Rekt Capital, which thinks that it is not enough for the start of the bull rally, in the macro table downtrend bull of breaking He suggested that it would be the most important signal for the rally.

Bitcoin approx. at 25% profit on a weekly basis not seen in a long time to performance he signed. Analysts now deal with risk assets almost completely correlated The biggest factor influencing the rise of Bitcoin moving US Federal Reserve (FED) interest rate hikes by instead of slowing down He claimed that there were statements about

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