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Financial TimesAccording to the news of Brazil and Argentina started working on a potential common currency.

This news was announced in an article co-authored by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Argentine President Alberto Fernandez.

The leaders of the two countries stated that the two countries are aiming for greater economic integration, including preparations for a common currency that will work in parallel with the Argentine peso and the Brazilian real.

In the article “We aim to overcome barriers to our exchanges, simplify and modernize the rules, and encourage the use of local currencies. We have also decided to advance the discussion on a common South American currency that can be used for both financial and commercial flows, reducing operational costs and our external vulnerability.” statements were included.

About this news cryptocurrency While the important names of the market made comments, the last comment Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbasecame from

Instead of issuing a common currency, Brazil and Argentina to Bitcoin (BTC) Armstrong, who brought up the idea of ​​passing it on, stated that BTC could be the right choice for the project.

BTC Announcing his idea with a post on Twittar, Coinbase CEO said:

“Will they consider switching to Bitcoin? Bitcoin would probably be the right long-term bet for both countries.”

Realvision CEO Raoul Pal opposed the Coinbase CEO’s idea of ​​Bitcoin and used the following statements:

“Currently, no one can own a national currency with 100% volatility, which drops 65% in the downstream of the business cycle and rises 10x in the upcycle.

Businesses struggle to plan for or maintain it. Otherwise, businesses will have difficulties in planning and hedging.”

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