Bitcoin Rally Will Continue According To Analyst Ben Armstrong: He Made A Date For These Levels

Youtuber and crypto analyst Ben Armstrong, known as BitBoy, believes that 25 thousand to 30 thousand dollars can be seen again in Bitcoin (BTC) in the near future.

Armstrong January 12 on his official social media account. in his postpeople again bull season to see what you expect it feels good expressed. First bitcoin cryptocurrencies, including will continue to rise Expressing that, Bitboy warned his followers that the historical summit will probably not be seen in the near future.

Armstrong expects a bull rally in Bitcoin and that the price 10-15 weeks in the period 25 thousand with 30 thousand to their level that you can reach suggested. The fact that Armstrong’s date coincided in April-May, which was completed with a decline for 2 years, did not escape the attention of many investors. Many users on social media Armstrong’s their views supports shared quality.

On the other hand, many important actors in the crypto money ecosystem are also interested in Bitboy’s views. similar predictions is known to be. Former CEO of BitMEX Arthur Hayes including many analyst in cryptocurrencies positions with diminishing leverage and relatively of low volumes a new getting ready for bull season He thinks he’s pointing.

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