Bitcoin price rises: year-end rally for cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin saw a correction from its all-time high of $ 68,564 on November 9th. The largest cryptocurrency has been trading below the $ 60,000 mark for about a week. Bitcoin has so far not been able to meet the high expectations that many investors have developed by reaching the record level.

Even so, one number is still very present in the Bitcoin community: the $ 100,000. Experts and Bitcoin fans set this value as a price target early this year. A strong year-end rally is needed to achieve this goal. But how realistic is such an upward movement in the current market situation?

Max Lautenschläger is head of the crypto asset manager Iconic Holding and is also on the supervisory board of MLP, one of the largest financial consultancies in Germany. We talk to him about the current value development of Bitcoin, the ever larger supply of crypto assets and a possible year-end rally.

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