Bitcoin Price Is Above 2 Critical Thresholds According To Glassnode!

With the 40% increase in value experienced by Bitcoin in the last 30 days, 2019 investors also made profit after the investors who bought BTC in 2018.

glassnode January 30 on his official social media account. in his postThe last of Bitcoin 30 days with his rally from 2018 investors Then Investors in 2019 He also noted that he had landed. On-chain platform, cost averages 21,800 dollars and 2019 average of investors 7% black passed on.

In the metric shared by the company, 2018 Despite the fact that after the investors of the year 2019, the investors of 2019 also made profits. 2020, 2021 and 2022 year’s investors on the negative side appeared to remain. In the metric, those who bought Bitcoin in 2017 and earlier throughout this decline no negative on the side not left while revealing 2020 and 2022 year averages pretty close It was also among the noteworthy points.

In addition, the cost averages according to the stock exchanges shared by the company. coinbase and Binance, 21 thousand to each other at dollar levels pretty close average of all stock markets cost 16.7 thousand became dollars. Bitfinex, 10 thousand your dollar a little over with an average lowest cost Owns Bitcoin investors cryptocurrency became one of the stock markets.

on the other hand 2023 Since the beginning of the year, even though the year has just entered 42% gaining value, Bitcoin at the beginning of January average for investors 30% brought profit.

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