Bitcoin Oracle Praises Meme Coin: Never Sell!

Davinci Jeremie is best known in the cryptocurrency space for urging investors to buy Bitcoin in 2013. Jeremie posted a video on YouTube on May 9, 2013, stating that investors should buy at least $1 worth of BTC. shiba inu drew attention to the project.

Jeremie 10 years ago bitcoin He stated that buying would change people’s fortunes. He foresaw that it would bring them life-changing gains. This prediction turned out to be true, with BTC reaching $69,000 in 2021.

Jeremie’s comment on Shiba Inu, “Which altcoin should I spend my USDT on?” It came in response to a user asking. The early adopter of Bitcoin quickly replied, “Umm SHIB.”

But Jeremie’s response was short and vague. It contains no other explanation as to why people believe they should invest in SHIB.

Watcher Guru explains why investors shiba inuDavinci reached out to Jeremie for a comment that he believes he should buy . At the time of writing, no response has yet been received.

Moreover, the SHIB community is excited by Jeremie’s response and now vouches that he is a power horse.

You can watch Jeremie’s video urging investors to buy Bitcoin below. He stated, “By looking at the lottery ticket price, you can hold Bitcoin for 10 years and become a millionaire.”

Shiba Inu and Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Shiba Inu are very different from each other in terms of price. But they enjoy a similar popularity in the crypto world. Both have huge followings. However, investors believe that related cryptocurrencies can create great wealth.

Whether the Shiba Inu can move in price the way Bitcoin has done before is a question we’ll have to wait and watch for another 10 years to know the answer.

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