Bitcoin Mining Manager Arrested in State Building!

New York, known as one of the regions where the heart of the crypto money industry beats, was reflected on the agenda with an interesting event. It was determined that a manager in New York was mining Bitcoin using 50 devices purchased directly from government resources. Christopher Naples, who works for a government agency in Long Island, Suffolk, seems to have been mining during his time.

Illegal BTC Mining in Government Building

According to the information quoted by the New York Times, Suffolk executives stated that Naples actually used thousands of dollars of illegal electricity and did so with over 40 devices in total. The devices are hidden in different places in Suffolk’s town hall, officials said, adding that the manager sometimes even places them inside electrical boxes or in rooftops.

Naples has been accused of bribery, grand theft, computer hacking and illegal transactions. Naples could face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty. The manager or his lawyer has not yet made an official statement, but it can be seen that the situation is quite serious. Officials stated that Naples has been doing these operations since last February and started with 10 devices. Naples, which is estimated to have reached more than $6,000 in electricity costs with only 10 devices, may have actually caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. The amount of electricity used per month by the 36 devices brought in addition is still under investigation.

It is predicted that many such events will be seen as the interest in cryptocurrencies increases. In some institutions, measures have been taken to prevent this situation.

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