Bitcoin Miner’s One in a Million Chances: Earned $800 to $150k

A Bitcoin (BTC) miner managed to earn 6.25 BTC ($ 130 thousand) using 4 USB mining devices worth $ 800.

Only one Bitcoin miner in total Four USBs worth $800 with mining device approx. 130 thousand dollars worth 6.25 BTC achieved. This is what happened last friday at 26.9 million in unity 4 USBs worth $200 a user mining with a mining device, Bitcoin block 772,793 succeeded in adding it to the network.

According to the data at the time the block shared on BitcoinTalk was added, the miner’s 10.6 TH/s hash there was a mining power of 269It was a little over. According to these data, the miner’s power is only a fraction of the total hash rate. 0.000000037%was representing.

The miner’s rig power of 10 TH/s and the network at that time 269,082.950 TH/s’Compared to the total hash power of this single miner, The probability of finding the block was around one in 26.9 million, but It seems that one of the luckiest days of his life was experienced for the miner.

Although this scenario is extremely unlikely, it is similar in Bitcoin mining.once in a lifetime“The events that are about to happen have happened before. A miner in January 2022 one in 23 million luckily managed to add blocks to the Bitcoin network and 6.25 BTC had won an award. The reward received by the miner is approximately at the price of that period. 275 thousand dollars levels were.

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