Bitcoin Is On A Warming Round: Bulls On This Date, According To Cryptoquant Analyst!

Analysts, comparing Bitcoin (BTC) activity with historical data, claimed that the bullish process was a warm-up before the bull run.

Dan Lim, senior analyst at on-chain analytics platform CryptoQuant, said that this rise in crypto markets will happen next year. a warm-up before the bull run claimed it was. The horizontal trend of Bitcoin buying opportunity Stating that it can create a large bull run, the analyst said that after a horizontal trend for a while, there may be a big bull run.

Analysts, taking into account the historical data, pointed out that the Bitcoin price has moved horizontally in previous lows or in the processes after its sudden declines. This horizontal movement, which continues in the process, has a larger preparation for bull run According to analysts who think that everything is just beginning.

On the other hand, analysts say that BTC is in a position again, albeit for a short time. can do dip test added to his statements. In addition, these bottom tests are for medium-term buying. profitable moves It was also underlined that When the price enters the zone indicated by the green column after the sideways movement between 1 week and 1 month It was historically reminded that it rose rapidly with the support of new participants in a short time.

CoinGecko in the last 1 week according to data 2% rise performance, Bitcoin, at the time of writing the news at $23,177 is being traded.

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