Bitcoin Forecast For The End Of The Year From The Company Of The Famous Chinese Billionaire: It Can Reach This Price!

Matrixport, the crypto company of famous Chinese billionaire Jihan Wu, suggested that Bitcoin (BTC) could reach the level of 45 thousand dollars by the end of the year.

Matrixport has released its report that predicts Bitcoin price for 2023. The report drew attention to the positive performance of cryptocurrencies in the first weeks of the year, and it was claimed that this situation could continue throughout 2023, considering the data from previous years. In the report in question, it is stated that institutional investors in the USA are included in the crypto money market as bull players, while Bitcoin experienced in January. 38%The appetite of institutional investors was cited as the reason for the rise of more than .

Comparing historical data with the developments in recent weeks, Matrixport noted that in five of the six years that Bitcoin rose in January, cryptocurrencies closed that year with positive returns. Matrixport research head Markus Thielen In the report, such annual start-ups averaged over the remainder of the year. 245%He stated that more than .

After a strong January, the only year for Bitcoin to decline was when prices peaked in a bull market. 2014 year was stated. In the report, which made a price prediction in the light of these indicators, it was stated that there is a high statistical probability that the price of Bitcoin could double by the end of the year. If the price flow continues in line with the company’s predictions, Bitcoin will be out by the end of the year. to the level of 45 thousand dollars expected to arrive.

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