Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index (FGI) 27-Month Lowest Measurement: 7 “Extreme Fear”

With Bitcoin (BTC) falling to $20,000, the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index (FGI) was the lowest since March 2020.

Provided by Bitcoin Fear and Greed Indexin, Wednesday, June 15 day bitcoin‘of 2020 not seen since the end of the year $20,000 with the level of March 2020since lowest value on the market and “extreme fear” showing that “7” measured.

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index In addition, in the last drop in the crypto money market, for the first time in history six weeks in a row “extreme fear” remained in the area.

In the index, the latest May occurred in the month LUNA and TOP Bitcoin during the collapse $26,000momentarily when regressed to March 2020measured in lowest value the one which… “8”had been seen.

Earlier August 2019Bitcoin in 10,000 dollars an all-time low trying to hold on to “5” measured value in the indexBitcoin price $3,150even when you fall this value was not measured.

What is the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index (FGI)?

Continuing to be important to cryptocurrency investors bitcoin a focused tool Bitcoin Fear and Greed Indexthe cryptocurrency market mathematically into a number by measuring its current sensitivity is reducing.

in measuring volatility, market action/volume, social media, market dominance and trends including 5 different data used Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index, 0 to 100 has scores in the range.

0 to 24 a number between “Extreme Fear” while being defined as 25-49 points on the market “fear” shows that. 50 points neutral when describing a situation, 51-74 score between “greed”, 75-100 If the score between “Extreme Greed” means.

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