Bitcoin Falling Against Dollar Breaks Record Against TL

Bitcoin, which continued to decline for days after seeing the level of 69 thousand dollars, could not keep up with the speed at which the TL lost value, gained value against the TL and set a new record.

The cryptocurrency market continues to decline since the day Bitcoin broke a new record by hitting $69,000. This decline, which continued in Bitcoin and affected the market in general, lasted until the level of $ 55 thousand 317 was seen today. While it is not known how long the decline will last, the increase in the dollar/TL rate did not even make this decrease felt to TL investors.

Bitcoin, which broke a new record on October 11 with 69 thousand against the dollar, although it is circulating at the level of 56 thousand dollars today. Couldn’t compete with the speed that TL lost value. Breaking a record against the dollar on October 11, BTC broke a record with 679.936 against TL. Since then, Bitcoin’s decline against TL has not been as hard as the dollar. In fact, the depreciation of TL against the dollar in recent days has also been reflected in Bitcoin, and a new record has come today:

Bitcoin saw 687 thousand 482 TL:

  • Daily chart (each candle represents a day)

Bitcoin, which gained value against TL with the increase in the exchange rate in recent days, broke a new record today. The value of one Bitcoin 687 thousand 482 TL he saw. Although Bitcoin experienced a serious depreciation against the dollar, the depreciation of the TL could not even come close to its depreciation against the dollar.


  • Daily chart, BTC/dollar

Ethereum is also not missing:


Likewise, Ethereum, which continued to depreciate against the dollar, broke the record by seeing $4.868 on October 11, and circulating around 4.100 levels today, broke a new record against TL. Ethereum’s value exceeded 50 thousand TL and saw 50,262. The contrast between the Ethereum/USDT and Ethereum/TL charts was as follows:

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