Bitcoin Exceeds $22,000! Analyst Evaluates BTC: When is the New Record?

Cryptocurrency analyst Kaleo, bitcoin He explained his impressions of a new record for BTC in his analysis after the last rally that took its price above $ 22,000.

Analyst Kaleo Announces Forecasts About Bitcoin’s Roadmap Ahead

According to Kaleo, the path to an all-time high for Bitcoin will involve retesting pre-crash levels, which he estimated to be around $40,000 to $50,000. Kaleo predicts that this will be followed by a fluctuation of several months in this range.

The analyst thinks that after this, there may be a collapse and a pullback to the middle of $ 20,000 or $ 30,000 in late 2023 or early 2024.

The analyst also states that $30,000 will act as a “magnet” for the price of the cryptocurrency. While this forecast is certainly optimistic, it should be noted that the cryptocurrency markets are very volatile and subject to sudden changes. Therefore, investors should always be cautious and do their own research before making any investment decision.

Daily chart showing the last rally of BTC price.

Overall, the recent rally in Bitcoin’s price has rekindled interest in the digital asset, and many are eagerly waiting to see where it goes next. With the halving set to take place in 2024, many believe it could be a major milestone for the cryptocurrency.

The analyst argued that a slow rise will be observed until the halving event, after which it will accelerate towards the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025, and the new all-time high can be reached.

*Not investment advice.

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