Bitcoin Enemy Peter Schiff Cornered: This Is How He Defended After The Rally!

Famous Bitcoin and crypto money critic analyst Peter SchiffDespite the recent rally in the market, it doesn’t seem to give up on its negative views.

With Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rising, Pressure on Critic Peter Schiff Is Increasing

Schiff recently Bitcoin (BTC) price 18,000 dollars In his statement when he was at the level of , he came to the fore with calls to “buy BTC” on Twitter.

With the current BTC price being much higher than the $18,000 level, many crypto users began to press Peter Schiff.

Schiff, on the other hand, defended himself by explaining, “I was telling you to buy it even when the Bitcoin price was $ 60,000”:

“Many Bitcoin websites write how much Bitcoin has risen since I recommended it to sell at $18,000.

How come they don’t publish articles showing how much Bitcoin has dropped after I call on HOLDERs to sell for $60,000, $50,000, or $40,000?”

Known to be a staunch gold defender, Schiff further detailed his thoughts in his latest tweets. Schiff shared the following messages on Twitter:

“Both gold and Bitcoin are rising in 2023, but for opposite reasons.

As gold rises as a hedge against inflation and a weakening dollar, Bitcoin, along with other high-risk assets, is rising as speculators predict a move by the Fed will cause a rally in BTC, one of the biggest losers of 2022.”

It is ironic that Peter Schiff’s son is a very staunch BTC supporter.

*Not investment advice.

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